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From the Premium Prebiotic Powder to the Hexagonal Restore Balm, we have everything you need to provide gentle and effective care for your customers skin.

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Take care of your client’s skin and speed up your work by using our innovative sugar pastes based on chicory.

Our Formula

Improve your sugaring treatments with Prebiotic Pastes

Discover the benefits of our Premium Prebiotic pastes, formulated with INUFLEX TECHNOLOGY™ - a revolutionary sugar paste formula that speeds up your work and takes care of even the most demanding clients' skin.

Get to know Inufllex Technology™

The innovative formula created by us for our Prebiotic Line of sugar pastes. This formula combines sugar, prebiotics, and gluconolactone to create a non-caramelized sugar paste with exceptional elasticity and skin-friendly properties that support the skin microbiome.

Our unique formula allows us to create sugar paste at a lower temperature, making it perfect for effective and gentle hair removal treatments suitable for all skin types.

The logo of vegan friendly product, in the style of ascii art The logo of vegan friendly product, in the style of ascii art The logo of vegan friendly product, in the style of ascii art The logo of vegan friendly product, in the style of ascii art The logo of vegan friendly product, in the style of ascii art
Why Sugaring?

Benefits of Sugaring

Sugaring is a completely natural, vegan, and eco-friendly hair removal method, gaining in popularity worldwide with consumer awareness.

Gentle on the skin

Unlike waxing, sugaring paste does not damage the epidermis and is much gentler on the skin and less painful.

Minimizes ingrown hairs

Sugaring removes hair as they grow, thus reducing the risk of ingrown hairs after treatment.

No risk of burns

Sugaring paste is applied at body temperature and it is only slightly pre-heated, which reduces the risk of burns or skin damage.

Reduced pain and discomfort

Because sugaring paste adheres to the hair and less to the skin, it can be less painful than other hair removal methods.

Premium Prebiotic Line

Meet the sugar pastes based on Inuflex Technology™. Our innovative formula makes the sugaring process easier and quicker while supporting the skin and the balance of the microbiome. Choose from our 5 pastes with different consistencies to find the perfect one for your needs.

Experience the innovative INUFLEX TECHNOLOGY™ in action with our Premium Prebiotic paste, ensuring efficient and effective results for your clients

Classic Line

Sugar pastes Classic produced on the base of monosaccharides (Fructose, glucose) since 2014 have gained recognition among sugaring specialists. The formula without citric acid (or lemon juice) ensures a neutral Ph and gentleness for the skin.

A jar of our Premium Prebiotic paste featuring INUFLEX TECHNOLOGY™, revolutionizing your work and providing superior care for clients' skin
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Pre & After Sugaring products

Complete the treatments with the highest level of quality Radeq Lab cosmetics. Carefully developed recipes, innovative soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients, fragrance-free formula - all to make your clients feel safe and comfortable before & after treatment.


Radek's prebiotic sugaring pastes are a huge success! The treatment's cosmetics work great together, leaving the skin well-prepared and smooth. RadeqLab's pastes are incredibly comfortable to use. I highly recommend them! ❤


I'm a beauty professional since 2018. Quality is my priority for clients. As a sugaring teacher in England since 2023, I searched for the perfect sugar paste for myself and students. That's when I discovered Radeq Lab. Their sugar pastes are easy to apply, adaptable to different weather conditions, and provide longer-lasting results. Radeq Lab's 100% natural, citric acid-free composition attracted me.


I love your products, with premium line my work is lightened by half of the time and my clients are beyond impressed about how their skin evolves from one treatment to another. And the fact that when I do the flick it doesn’t spread… it’s a game changer. Thank you for this ! 🤗🤩😍

About our products


The Premium Prebiotic line is based on the original INUFLEX TECHNOLOGY™, the 1st in the world unique technology involving an innovative combination of sugar, prebiotic and gluconolactone. The whole process takes place at lower temperature than standard sugar paste production. The Premium Prebiotic Line supports maintenance of healthy skin microbiome during epilation. The Classic line is made from water, fructose and glucose.

We take into account that a lot of factors affect a well-executed sugaring treatment. The consistency of the sugar paste is affected by many factors, such as temperature or season. Our sugar pastes have different levels of softness so everyone can find a sugar paste that meets their expectations. 

Our sugar pastes are 100% organic and vegan. The classic line is made from water, fructose and glucose. The formula without citric acid ensures a natural Ph and gentleness of the skin. The Premium Prebiotic line is based on the original INUFLEX TECHNOLOGY made from sucrose ( consist of glucose and fructose molecules with are humectants and have natural moisturizing properties), gluconolactone (natural antioxidant that protects the skin, boots cell regeneration, eliminates irritation and makes the skin more elastic), and insulin (prebiotic from chicory roots, helps in reducing the appearance of inflammation and blemishes on the skin).

Sugar paste with prebiotics (Premium Prebiotic Line) is a new concept developed by Radeq Lab Sugaring based on INUFLEX TECHNOLOGY™ and is made by using Inulin, chicory extract and gluconolactone together with sucrose in the sugaring paste formula. The formula is free of citric acid and the raw materials used are so safe that they are edible.

Prebiotics are substances that nourish and support the harmonious development of the bacterial flora known as the microbiome. As well as supporting a healthy skin microbiome, which in turn supports healthy skin, prebiotics also improves the elasticity and consistency of sugar paste.

The skin after sugaring with Premium Prebiotic paste is less reactive compared to standard sugar pastes. Thanks to the prebiotics, the skin microbiome is less disrupted, Inulin as a prebiotic supports the anti-inflammatory effect. The improved elasticity and consistency of the paste mean that less material is used and customers are more satisfied. Being Sugarist microbiome friendly is a significant market differentiator - it is worth offering customers added value in your services.

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13 years of experience in the industry, always focused on expanding our knowledge and create innovative and safe products to our clients.

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