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Premium Prebiotic 03N° - 10 pcs set

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Premium Prebiotic 03N° - 10 pcs set

  • The most universal of pastes
  • Especially suitable for large areas
  • We know that this will probably be your favourite paste. You will definitely feel the difference. Faster and more effective.

Choose one of our pastes on a scale of 1 to 5 from softest to hardest. For best results slightly preaheat to 25-35°C

Premium Prebiotic sugar paste based on the original INUFLEX TECHNOLOGY ™ , supports maintenance of a healthy skin microbiome during epilation, which is an innovation on a global scale. This is due to the use of INULINE and chicory extract in the paste formula. Additionally, elimination of citric acid in the recipe makes the product extremely friendly for the skin and microorganisms living on it. 

What are the benefits of taking care of a healthy skin microbiome?

The microorganisms living on the skin form a protective biofilm that provides the skin with protection against external factors, infections and skin nutrition. Yes, the microorganisms that live on our skin also produce nutritional compounds that keep the skin moisturised and nourished. 

What is harming the skin's microbiome?

Any cosmetic application with a high amount of preservatives, or an extremely high or low Ph disrupts the skin microbiome. This is very easy to explain, since the preservatives are supposed to prevent the growth of microorganisms in the cosmetics, they will also limit the reproduction of the good organisms living on the skin (skin microbiome).

Premium Prebiotic Line

Discover the benefits of our Premium Prebiotic pastes, formulated with Inuflex Technology™ - a revolutionary sugar paste formula that speeds up your work and takes care of even the most demanding clients' skin.

Classic Line

The minimalistic formula without citric acid (or lemon juice) ensures a neutral Ph and gentleness for the skin. Glucose is a component of the Natural moisturising factor (NMF), therefore leaving the skin smooth and moisturised after a sugaring treatment.

How to test samples? 

Always start with a paste of medium consistency. If the paste you started with is too hard try a paste number lower (with higher water content), if the paste is too soft test a paste number higher.