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Premium Prebiotic 02N° - 10 pcs set

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Premium Prebiotic 02N° - 10 pcs set

  • Perfect for large body areas
  • Recomended for advanced users
  • Easy spreading on the skin
  • Consistency popular in Scandinavian countries.
Choose one of our pastes on a scale of 1 to 5 from softest to hardest. We recommend working with nitrile gloves. 


Premium Prebiotic Line

Discover the benefits of our Premium Prebiotic pastes, formulated with Inuflex Technology™ - a revolutionary sugar paste formula that speeds up your work and takes care of even the most demanding clients' skin.

Classic Line

The minimalistic formula without citric acid (or lemon juice) ensures a neutral Ph and gentleness for the skin. Glucose is a component of the Natural moisturising factor (NMF), therefore leaving the skin smooth and moisturised after a sugaring treatment.

How to test samples? 

Always start with a paste of medium consistency. If the paste you started with is too hard try a paste number lower (with higher water content), if the paste is too soft test a paste number higher.