Microbiome Friendly & Prebiotic: A game-changer for your salon's sugaring and skincare product.

Microbiome Friendly & Prebiotic: A game-changer for your salon's sugaring and skincare product.


Alicja Odrzywolska


As a cosmetic salon owner, you know that keeping up with the latest skincare trends is essential to provide your customers with the best possible experience. By incorporating our products into your Sugaring salon, you can offer your customers and effective skincare solutions, even for the most sensitive skin.


Understanding the Skin Microbiome:

Our skin is home to thousands of different types of microorganisms. The microbiota that l on our skin are incredibly important to our health and well-being, as they help protect us from harmful external factors.

Some sources state that the microbiota layer, composed of up to 90% microorganisms and 10% epidermal cells, is the first line of defense against negative environmental factors. While most microorganisms on healthy skin are beneficial, an imbalance in the microbiome can lead to various skin issues.

The skin microbiome is highly dynamic and influenced by factors such as location, environment, age, gender, and the use of cosmetics and other products. In fact, each individual's skin microbiome composition can be as unique as their DNA.

To delve deeper into the topic, we invite you to watch this informative video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWE3U3FItlc]

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The Benefits of Microbiome Friendly Products:
  1. Restoring and maintaining skin health: Our products are specially designed to support and nurture your skin's natural microbiome. They contain ingredients that promote a balanced microbial community, helping to improve conditions.

  2. Strengthening the skin barrier: Your skin's barrier function is essential for keeping it hydrated and protected from harmful pathogens. Our products contain prebiotics (e.g. Inulin, Cichorium Intybus Root Extraxt) and postbiotics (e.g. Lactobacillus), which can enhance the integrity and resilience of the skin barrier. This leads to healthier and more resilient skin.

  3. Calming inflammation: An imbalanced skin microbiome can cause redness, sensitivity, and inflammation. By incorporating microbiome-friendly products to your sugaring treatments, you can offer relief to customers struggling with these concerns. 

How to choose the right Microbiome Friendly products? 
  1. Look for key ingredients: Effective microbiome-friendly products contain probiotics, which introduce beneficial bacteria to the skin, and prebiotics, which nourish and support their growth.

  2. Prioritize natural and gentle formulations: To protect the delicate balance of the skin microbiome, avoid harsh chemicals, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances in your products. Instead, opt for gentle and natural formulations that respect the skin's ecosystem. 

  3. Partner with trusted brands: When selecting skincare products for your salon, choose brands prioritize ingredient quality to deliver safe and effective products.

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